Pinterest-izing the Pantry

I promised the “after” photos today….here you go!

sep112015 008

There’s the wide shot…now, shelf by beautiful shelf:

sep112015 016 sep112015 015 sep112015 014 sep112015 013 sep112015 012 sep112015 010 sep112015 009

Anyone out there like DIY projects?¬†Here’s a really fast one!

So, while I was cleaning out the pantry, I came across this cardboard soda caddy. I knew it would be perfect to help organize.

So I grabbed some craft paint…put on a gazillion coats (and a few fun stickers)….and tada!


(Insert twirl). ūüôā Pretty cute, right?

What is your latest organizational project? Where do you find your organizing inspiration?



Chasing my tail

august 26, 2015 021 august 26, 2015 020 august 26, 2015 004


When I got married 6 years ago, I was unprepared for the¬†daily-ness of it all. The table that needs wiping after every meal, the floor that gets crunchy mere hours after I’ve swiped a broom. The dishes that fill the sink to brimming while the dishwasher is bravely scrubbing a full load.¬† And the laundry.

Ladies, can I just take a moment of silence for the laundry?

august 26, 2015 019

Amen and amen.

In all the many crevices of my homemaking, nowhere does the edenic command to “subdue and rule” seem so fitting. Washing is no problem. Drying? Usually not an issue. Folding¬†and putting away….you’ve got me. I feel subdued just thinking about it.

I fantasize about a laundry robot who will do it all, and then I have to shake my head. Really? My dreams are about a mythical laundry bot? Pathetic!

Sometimes it feels like chasing my tail, but then I think about the comfort it brings to my favorite people. When Superman reaches into his sock drawer and¬†finds socks, he can go about his day knowing I care enough to wash and fold and deliver for him. When my little princess snuggles into her Frozen shirt, she knows that mama cares about the dreams of her little heart. Clean blankets, smooth floors, a good meal (on clean dishes!)…it’s not¬†just¬†endlessly chasing my tail.

Could it be kind of like the cup of cold water that Jesus mentions? Just a simple kindness. ¬†Nothing earth shattering…

It’s whispering love over, and over, and over again to my family.

august 26, 2015 003 august 26, 2015 002 august 26, 2015 013

Worth it.

Chime in: what is your most dreaded household chore?